Welcome to the wonderful hobby of Radio Controlled flying aircraft !


Radio control flying has become a popular hobby in recent years. RC aircraft have become more affordable and easier to fly.



There's never been a better time to take up radio control flying as your new passion! Learning how to fly RC aircraft is a truly exhilarating experience but, like any new hobby, it needs to be taken step-by-step.

Our group of instructors are dedicated to teaching new pilots how to fly. Our instructors will teach you the basics and guide you through the process, from choosing and buying your first radio control plane, to flying some basic aerobatics! We support drones, airplanes and control line flying.


We have assembled a team of experienced pilots to help you with the experience of Radio Controlled Flying. Please feel free to contact one of our instructors:

President-Jeff Jones 503-367-4784
Vice President- Shawn Barney 503-330-6783

If you are interested in hearing more about RC flying, you can stop by and visit us at our monthly membership meeting (see our website for more info) or talk to someone at our Hobby Room at the Evergreen Museum.