Lockheed Martin/Boeing F-22 Raptor in flight

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President: Jeff Jones
Vice President: Shawn Barney
Club Secretary: Dave Beal
Club Treasurer: Martin Baumer
Safety Officer: Jean Cramer

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TEAM Bylaws
Membership Application
Academy of Model Aeronautics

The Evergreen Aero Modelers

We are a group of individuals from all walks of life who enjoy building and flying radio-controlled & control-line models.

TEAM is Academy of Model Aeronautics chartered club #4490

TEAM's new flying field is DeAlton Field, adjacent to the Evergreen Space Museum and the Scouts Park near the NE corner of the Evergreen Aviation Museum Facilities. The new field has a main runway of grass that is 600' by 40'. A 200' by 20' matt runway is provided for smaller wheeled planes. A Port o Potty is available on the flying field. A covered seating area is next to the field. The restrooms and cafeteria are available in the Space Museum.

Monthly Team Meeting

Team meetings are the second Thursday of each month at 7pm. in the Space Museum Building at Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, OR.

Visitors and new members are Welcome !

DeAlton Field Rules

Membership in AMA is required to fly unassisted at the TEAM field.

Participants in museum sponsored educational programs or students receiving introductory flight experience might be exempted from this requirement.

Students are defined as anyone learning to fly models. Students may use TEAM facilities without AMA membership only if they’re taking part in museum-organized educational programs, or as guests of TEAM members, provided that:

  • During radio-control training non-AMA students must be on buddy box systems; students must have current AMA membership prior to soloing.
  • Instructors must be present at all times non-AMA students are on TEAM fields.
  • Instructors must be TEAM members with valid AMA.

RC flyers are urged to be mindful of full-scale aircraft operating in the area. While the r/c field does not conflict with airport approaches, unusual full-scale flight paths do occur on occasion.

No r/c flying is permitted higher than 400 feet above ground level without a spotter. As a reference the peak of the museum roof is 125’ agl.

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